Our approach

Common solutions tend to focus on only one aspect of a business project. Often it is technology side, but in some cases it is process side as well. Anyway, 1 + 1 is much more than 2. BI³ always starts from both entry points. Doing so, we work towards a sustainable solution and reduce the risks of surprises to a minimum.

Using our internally developed technology, we identify in which business intelligence phase your company is at. By applying the right mix between technology and business knowledge, we support you and your company to reach the next level.

Let your business intelligence investement give you the biggest return. After the quick-wins we need to run into solid analysises.
Graph: BI³ approach, business knowledge and technology, hand by hand

Information phase: Although our focus in this phase is on technology, applying the right amount of business knowledge is of utmost importance to collect meaningful information from company systems and other data. We will use this information as a bases to reach the next phases.

Inspiration phase: Business knowledge and technology need to make a seamless collection to reveal the underlying improvement opportunities.

Innovation phase: As the project makes progress, business knowledge becomes more important. Although, a strong technological support layer is still indispensable to ensure that all aspects within the project are covered.

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