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Our methodology: information, inspiration, innovation
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- You do not have a software system to follow up your company. Information is provided through lists, excel-files, ...
- You have an ERP or other software system, but that system is not providing you with wanted information.


- Reporting and dashboard usage is poor. There is only little to even no analysis done. Even if it is done, those reports do not correspond with the way you are working in your company.


- Vision, mission and strategy are well described. Reports, dashboards cockpits and / or balanced scorecard are present.
- Improvement initiatives are defined but often not launched and / or the results of the projects are lower than expected.

in • for • ma • tion (the; f; plural: informations)
1   knowledge gained through study
2   every single piece of knowledge that can be read by a computer
in • spi • ra • tion (the; f; plural: inspirations)
1   animation
in • no • va • tion (the; f; plural: innovations)
1   import a novelty

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