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Traditionally, BI projects often finish after the information-fase (technical impplementation). This way of working, however, leaves the most value adding part of the project potentially untouched.

With our methodology and experience we take you throughout the information phase, right into the inspiration phase.

Ultimately, in the innovation phase, the output of the inspiration phase is used to maximize value that is added to your enterprise through the project.

Below graph depicts the evolution of value creation throughout the different phases in a BI project.

Give your business intelligence investement the highest return! After the quick wins you need to move on towards deep analysis to gain structural imprvements of your processes.
Graph: verloop waardecreatie in BI-project

Information phase: In this phase, the lowhanging fruit is harvested en the quick wins are realized. However, this value creation proces is ending.

Inspiration phase: The painpoint and bottle nekcs of the organisation are identified and hidden improvement opportunities are relvealed

Innovation phase: To start the structural and continuous improvement, are details process analysis is conducted in order to maximize the value creation process.

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