Our projects are conducted using out internally developped methodology, that is based on our strong experiences in the field. Starting with your predefined targets, we position your company on the BI³ business intelligence maturity curve. By applying the right mix of business knowledge and technogoly, we give answers as to how these targets can be reached and support you the achieve them and guide your company to the next performance level.

We distinguis the next phases in our projects, that correspond with the phases a company can be located in:


Initially, companies in general are in search of information.

In this phase all available data are collected in one place. From there, the data is related to eachother and consolidated into meaningul information about your company.


In a next phase, those companies have need for inspiration.

Together with the customers, the numbers that were generation in the first phase are analyzed in-depth via additional reports and KPI's, to identify thet root-causes of inefficiencies. Subsequently, we formulate a seires of concrete improvement intiatives.


In the third phase, innovation is the main question.

A further fine-tuning of the reports and KPI's is done in this fase, if needed, along with the implemenation of other tools. With these insights, support you the put the improvement initiatives in practice and ensure the return is maximized.

For each of the phases, we apply a different mix of our in-house competencies. Your projects of followed by one and the same project manager, that will also service a single point of contact for your organization.

Internally, we centralize your project around one experiences business consulant and one senior technology consultant. This to ensure your projects is conducted in the best possible way, in al its aspects. Speed of implemenation and the set targets are leading at all times!

And to conclude, BI³ can also make recommedations for further projects that can add even more value to your companty.

As an example, our supply chain dashboard is the result of our project methodology. Today, it is the basis for all our supply chain improvement projects and supports the difference phases of the BI³ business intelligence maturiry curve.

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