Our BI implementations are project driven journeys that consist of a diverse set of services. The combination of these services, enable us to realize our mission: grow your company!

The services we offer are:

Project management

In our vision, project management goes beyond the end of the project. It ensures inspiration becomes a way of life and is still present after the project has been finished. Don't get caught by the BI trap, in which after the quick-wins there is no inspiration left to come to the real and structural improvements.

QlikView consulting

We have certified QlikView and IT consultants that seamlessly integrate our solutions with your systems and processes.

Process automatisation

Naarmate u meer en meer inzicht krijgt in uw onderneming, krijgt u ook een beeld van de handelingen en processen die voor inefficiënties zorgen binnen uw onderneming.

As you get more insight in the performance of your company, you also get a better view on the task and processes that perform poorly within your company. Often these are manual and repititive tasks that add little or no valuea to your company and in most cases can be mechanized. BI³ can also offer a solution for this. Our business and IT consultation can work out a solution to mechanize these processes and reduce the time spent on these activities to a minimum.

Business consulting

Our business consultants can assist you in translating your objectives into measurable KPI's and an integraed set of reports. The are able to get up to speed very rapidly as to how your company works and convert your needs into clear specifications that are understandable for any technical consultant

Proces optimalisation

Besides blue-printing your company for BI purposes, our business consultant can also advise your as to what process can be optimized and how the can be optimized, as well taking the lead of the actual improvement projects.

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