Supply chain

A well-performing supply chain is of vital importance for every organisation. A clear view on the different steps of your supply chain is indispensable.

Which suppliers respect delivery deadlines? Which supplier have increased their prices? Indentifiy increases or decreases in your stock.

The BI³ supply chain dashboard gives you that insight. In a matter of a few clicks, areas requiring action can be identified. Besides that, the analysis functionalities give you the posibility to find the root-causes of the problems, so that actions can be take with a maximum focus.

Supply chain from A to Z
Image: supply chain in a nutshell


You get clear understanding of both the performances of your suppliers and purchasing department.

Warhousing and inventory control

Inbound as well as outbound logistics along with inventory are measured in this part of the BI³ supply chain dashboard.


Cost and performance of carriers are presented in a well structured manner in this section of the BI³ supply chain dashboard.

Supporting functionalities

Besides measurement of your processes, the BI³ supply chain dashboard also offers a set of functionalities as monitoring of data quality and integreity.

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